BizPhone Beta Management Preview

This blog post is about the management tools in BizPhone.

Managing BizTalk components

image In this demo I chose to highlight the artifacts that the BES project regards as warnings. These are the following: disabled orchestrations, disabled send ports and disabled receive locations. BizPhone isn’t intended to be a substitute tool for the BizTalk Management Tool – instead it enables service managers to query multiple BizTalk servers for their status and enables them to perform simple management tasks (as starting and stopping ports and orchestrations).

Management in action

The functionality in this demo consists of starting and stopping the mentioned artifacts and how this relates to the warnings listed.

And for anyone wondering: no data is faked, interaction is done with an actual BizTalk 2009 server with BES on top of it on a separate server. 🙂

What’s next?

I’m working on wrapping the BizTalk performance counters into the BES project and also implementing management functionality to resubmit messages.

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