Black screen of death in VMWare

In VMWare

This blog post is about a quickfix for VMWare if you’re suffering VMWare black screen of death.

In the beginning there was darkness

imageThis bug is most likely to occur if you’ve used a secondary monitor or projector with a low resolution capability. When switching back to a high-resolution monitor the screen goes black and doesn’t play nice anymore.

When booting up the virtual machine the only possibility to logon is to start it in safe mode and decrease the screen resolution settings.

Let there be light

imageThe quick way to resolve this problem is to turn off the virtual machine so that settings are editable. Then change the display settings of the virtual machine to use “Accelerate 3D graphics”. Now boot up the virtual machine again. This should resolve the black screen of death.

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  • Awesome!

  • Thanks, Z-man! 🙂

  • Olivier Dupont

    Awesome, you saved my day !

  • Christian Engvall


  • Brant Smith


  • Thanks!!! This trick is some years old, but this does also the trick to run a Windows 2016 TP3 VM in HiDPI mode on a MacBookPro with Retina display in full screen mode.
    You made my day! 😉

  • Guru Malla

    To me its the other way round, I have to turn OFF 3d acc. even though I want it 🙁
    Its a question of the new VMware virtual “hardware” level above version 10 – so right now Im without HW acc 3d.

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