Comfortable Visual Studio settings

I spend a’lot of time in front of the screen which result in bloodshot and strained eyes. And not the cool zombie-kind, mind you.

To reduce some of the stress I expose my eyes too I use settings for Visual Studio that are less intense than the original settings with white background and small fonts.

And to help other eyes out there, here are my settings: DBLOG.vssettings (272,81 kb)

Here’s a sample:

Hope it helps!

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  • A dark VS theme is like gold for your eyes. Been running a dark theme (MidTonesVariant) for a year and a half now and have never looked back. Simply brilliant.

  • I’ve modified it to include decent colors for XAML code as well. Basically they’re a modified version of the XML color set. I’ll let you know when I’ve posted it!

  • Loving that Silverlight – XAML ftw! 🙂

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