EPiServer CMS Scheduler Service fails to start

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This blog post is about how to resolve “System.InvalidOperationException” when trying to start the EPiServer scheduler service.

A failing service

The error occurred on a EPiServer CMS 5 installation running on Windows Server 2008. No upgrade or changes had been made to the EPiServer CMS setup, save for applying windows updates.

Out of the blue the scheduler service fails to start.


Usually this can be resolved just by starting the service. But when trying to do so the following error is thrown.


What the deuce?


First order of business was to check the service itself in the shared-folder of the CMS. Everything seemed well enough. But when trying to look for clues in the event log a new error comes into play.


Aha! Let’s just start the event log service since obviously the EPiServer scheduler service depends on it. But alas, when trying to start the event log service yet another error is thrown into the pile of horror: “error 2: the system cannot find the file specified”.


The reason for the event log service failing can be numerous. It is, however, never a good thing since it’s a vital part of the operating system. In this case there was a problem with the registry.

The event log registry keys are located at “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetserviceseventlog”. One of the keys define where the registry DLL is located.

However, if the registry key “Parameters” is added it will take precedence, resulting in a “file not found”-error when trying to locate the DLL.



By removing the empty Parameters key the event log service is able to start along with the EPiServer scheduler service.

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