First EPiServer Meetup Øresund for 2011

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It’s time for the first EPiServer Developers Øresund Meetup. Our sponsor for this meet is Know IT. The Meetup will be held on february 17th in Turning Torso, Malmö.

EPiServer themselves are going to talk about what’s exciting about the new R2 release of CMS6!


17.30 – Welcome to the Meetup!

18.00 – “Gadges for gurus”

19.00 – Short break. Coffee and cookies.

19.15 – EPiServer presents what’s new in EPiServer CMS6 R2

20.00 – Introduction to PageTypeBuilder

20.30 – EPiServer-lounge at the 49th story in Turning Torso (great view!)

Gadgets for gurus

Best practices for developing gadgets for EPiServer CMS6, Fredrik Félix

What’s new in EPiServer CMS6 R2

EPiServer themselves talk about what exciting news that are in store for us with the new R2 version of EPiServer CMS6. Not least the concept of Visitor Groups.

Introduction to PageTypeBuilder

Peter Johansson gives an introduction to Page Type Builder, a very popular Open Source addon for EPiServer CMS6.

Sign up!

You can sign up at the EPiServer developers Øresund group.

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