My two simple ideas to inspire and be inspired at work

An important component, for me, is the creativity and dynamics of my work environment. How we, both colleagues and clients, share knowledge and are challenged with new ideas and thoughts.

I believe we all have something to share. A story or idea. I also believe there’s a beautiful symmetry in the correlation between that which we share with the community of our peers and how that in turn shapes and drives us as individuals.

Every other week we engage in something which we call Amaze Lunch. A colleague presents on a topic of their choosing – a technology that interests them, a recent snafoo in a project, a summary of a conference they’ve just been to. Sogeti sponsors the lunch – so far, for some reason, it’s been kebab. The colleagues, in turn, sponsor with their time and engagement.

The allotted time slot is maximum twenty minutes. The intention is not death by PowerPoint. The remaining forty minutes are reserved for discussion. We keep the group relatively small – 10-12 people – in order for everyone to have a say. It’s also a safe environment to practice public speaking.


However, the magic doesn’t always happen when we stay within our own box. The magic is outside. In the twilight between different disciplines. The idea that finds you in the car, or in the shower, or out on a walk with your dog, or…

Therefore we have a second initiative named TEDMonday. Simply put, we watch TED presentations together on Mondays. Just like the presentations at our Amaze Lunches they’re eighteen minutes long and doesn’t take up too much of anyone’s lunch.

Colleagues recommend a great TED presentation they’ve seen and we watch it together. Not to be on the forefront of technology or digital. But to foster and drive a culture of creativity, innovation and critical thinking. A culture where great ideas matter and are important.

Sometimes it just takes a gentle nudge to set off that which will change the world. And it can happen in the most unlikely of places of conversations and places. Starting with an idea.

What initiatives do you drive to foster a culture of creativity? Drop me a line here on the blog or in the social context (if any) you found this blog post.

Thanks for reading.

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    • Will do! Ping me whenever you get Swede-side.

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