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Social media is this year’s buzzword. But what is social media and how does it relate to your website?

Let’s have a closer look at the concept of social media. Social media is the common name for services where users supply the content. Consider the services YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, SlideShare, blogs and Facebook. In all of these services the users supply the content in the form of videoclips, pictures, articles and short messages.

Then why is social media important for companies? The answer is simple: to be seen. Through social media services companies can add content and share it with millions of users. Many claim that Twitter was instrumental in the success of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Here is a good introduction to Twitter.

Then why a social media newsroom? What is a social media newsroom? To put it simple the newsroom can be a webpage on a corporate website. This webpage aggregates all the social media channels where the company has supplied the content. Videos on YouTube, messages on Twitter (tweets!) or images on Flickr. The content is aggregated onto one webpage and gives visitors the full picture of what the company is sharing in the social media cloud.

Good examples of social media newsrooms are Saab Newsroom and Vattenfall. Both are Swedish companies.


image image



From a developer’s point of view there are multiple social media API’s available. Google for instance supplies an API for YouTube. Even open source API’s from enthusiast are perfectly viable options. I’m using Yedda and TweetMeMe for Twitter myself.

To illustrate how easy it is to aggregate content from social media services I chose to create a website where I’d aggregate two content sources: RSS from my .NET-blog (this one!) and my Twitter account. It took less than a day to complete the website. This much due to the fact there is social media services code readily available for download.

This is the end result:



A must for all social media enthusiasts is Jesper Åström’s blog. Jesper writes about SEO, social media and online-PR.

This blog post is also available in Swedish here.

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